Rifrattore acromatico. Diametro dell'obiettivo: 60 mm. Distanza focale: 900 mm

Schema ottico
Apertura – il diametro delle lenti che catturarono la luce (refrattori e catadiottrici) o specchio (riflettori) che il telescopio utilizza per catturare luce
Lunghezza focale – la distanza tra le lenti primarie o specchio e il punto in cui si concentra la luce

ID prodotto
Dimensione confezione (LxPxH)

The Bresser Classic 60/900 AZ Telescope is a long focal length achromatic refractor suitable for observing the solar system planets as well as for landscape and wildlife viewing. You will be able to explore the Moon craters or Saturn’s rings. The sharp optics and low weight of Bresser Classic 60/900 AZ make it a versatile beginner's telescope for the young and young at heart astro amateur.

The telescope aperture of 60mm and a focal length of 900mm yield excellent image quality. Three eyepieces provide wide magnification range. With the erecting lens, you will be able to get properly oriented images, which is helpful for beginners. With the optical viewfinder 5x24 searching for objects is fast and convenient.

The kit includes all necessary accessories to begin observations right out of the box. A sturdy and reliable alt-azimuth mount provides for an easy vertical adjustment of the telescope tube. The smartphone holder allows you to capture amazing photos and videos and share them with your friends and relatives. The included astro software helps you to effortlessly find stars and other celestial objects during observations.


  • Beginner's set with all necessary accessories to start observing immediately
  • Optical design: achromatic refractor
  • Alt-azimuth mount
  • Astronomy software for easy start
  • Smartphone adapter to take images with your smartphone
  • Star chart

ID prodotto 71113
Marchio Bresser GmbH, Germany
Garanzia 2
EAN 4007922039770
Dimensione confezione (LxPxH) 28x13x90
Peso spedizione 4.8
Design delle ottiche rifrattore
Schema ottico acromatico
Diametro lente obiettivo (apertura), mm 60
Lunghezza focale, mm 900
Ingrandimento, x 45 — 338
Diametro barilotto dell’oculare, in 1,25
Cercatore punto rosso
Treppiede alluminio
Montatura altazimutale
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